Why Buy at an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are a shoppers paradise!

The best items are in fact found at estate sales. Estate sales and estate liquidation sales offer shoppers a way to find the unique, rare and collectible items that can’t be found anywhere else. In fact, estate sales are the places to find those unique, collectible items that most people do not sell nor want to part with.

Whether you are looking for that perfect piece to compliment your room or looking to decorate an entire house, we have you covered.

AESWON holds estate sales all over the Los Angeles and Palm Desert areas. Most of these sales include high end items such as antiques, bronzes, fine china, porcelain, collectibles, crystal, art, designer clothes and accessories, fine rugs, jewelry and much more.

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate sales happen when people are forced to sell off part or all of their own or their family belongings. It can be because the family was downsizing, moving, needed to liquidate their own prized possessions or when a family member has passed and the items need to be liquidated to comply with probate agreements in order to sell the property.

Estate sales are NOT garage or yard sales! Estate sales happen when the family, business or parties involved need to liquidate most of their personal property. This is not the same as a yard sale where people simply put out things they no longer need. An estate or liquidation sale involves people who must sell most of their own, or their family belongings, including those that they may not want to part with.

Why do people liquidate their belongings or have an estate sale?

Let us set the record straight. Most people do not actually want to part with their things at all, they simply must. Estate sales happen when there is a death in the family and the family members are forced to liquidate the items in order to fairly split the proceeds. Estate sales happen when people are forced to liquidate their assets to pay debts. Estate sales happen when people must downsize from a large home into one much smaller or move across the country. Estate sales may also happen when businesses are forced to liquidate their belongings or close down.

Estate sales often include one of a kind items, antiques, a life-time of collectibles, automobiles, art collections, jewelry and much, much more. These are not things that are no longer used or have little value. On the contrary, estate sales often have high end items and one of a kind collections. The people having an estate sale simply choose to sell all the belongings in one sale rather than spending the time and money in finding the perfect buyer for each item.

The Green and Eco-Friendly Shoppers Paradise.

Estate sales are the eco-friendly and green way to redecorate a home or office. The items sold not only have aesthetic appeal, but they also posses a history which sometimes may go generations deep. Many furniture stores will sell you a coffee table that is brand new and mass produced, but buying a very unique, mid-century table with a lifetime of history behind it is what you get from shopping an estate sale. When given the choice between mass produced particle board or well-crafted hard wood pieces, the estate sale shoppers and many decorators will always choose the later. There is nothing more green or eco-friendly than reusing a gorgeous piece of furniture with a rich history behind it. That reason is why so many decorators choose antiques and you can too.

Estate sales are so much more than what people think.

Please see the image gallery below for a small sample of the items you can find at an estate sale.